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Waseda University International Student Dormitory WID and
Regarding affiliated dormitory Dormy
Here are some frequently asked questions.

Application / Dormitory

Can I take a tour?

If you find a property that interests you, please take a look.You can see the atmosphere, the surrounding environment, and the facilities with your own eyes.During your visit, please feel free to discuss any concerns you may have about living alone for the first time.Please apply from "Reservation for tour" on the page of each property.Reservations can be made online up to XNUMX days prior to the desired tour date.

I would like to enter a dormitory. Please tell me how to apply.

You can apply for a student dormitory after passing the entrance examination.For both university-run dormitories and university-affiliated dormitories, please submit the application data within the application period from the "Application Form" on the Residence Center website. The Dormitory Application Form will be displayed on the Residence Center website only during the application period.

Is there anything I should consider before applying for the dormitory?

Since living in a student dormitory is a communal space, after entering the dormitory, you will start living in an environment that is different from the living environment of each family.Students from all over Japan and all over the world study and live together, so please fully understand that it is a communal environment that is different from living alone.

[Example: International student dormitory WISH] Private rooms must be equipped with ventilation holes for natural ventilation, and the living room and washbasin must be shared by 4 people (some 3 people, 2 people 1 unit)
Yes), so there is the sound of each other's daily life.After entering the dormitory, a “unit session” is held for each unit, and rules are established by discussing with other dormitory students about points that can easily lead to trouble, such as noise. is inevitable.

Please tell me about "simultaneous application".

If your first choice is a dormitory directly managed by the university (International Student Dormitory WISH, Higashifushimi Student Dormitory), you can apply for Wido WID/Recommended Student Dormitory Dormy as your second choice. (Simultaneous applications for other combinations are not possible.)In addition, Wido WID/recommended student dormitory Dormy can be selected up to 6th preference, so even if the university directly managed dormitory is not selected by applying at the same time, Wid WID/recommended student dormitory Dormy You can move into one of the dormitories, so you can rest assured.

Do you have a selection process?

There is a document screening process at university dormitories (International Student Dormitory WISH, Higashifushimi Student Dormitory) and Espoir Mejiro, one of the university affiliated dormitories.University-affiliated dormitories WID and recommended student dormitories will be selected by lottery after the application deadline. *May vary depending on the application year.

Can I still apply after completing the dormitory application form?

You can apply for WID and Dormy, the recommended student dormitory, at any time of the year if there are vacancies.Please contact us by phone after the reception period ends.

After applying, how will tenants be decided?

As a general rule, it will be on a first-come, first-served basis.Please apply after your admission to Waseda University has been decided.It is not necessary to submit an application for dormitory, etc.

Is there a designated date for entering the dormitory?

After the dormitory decision has been made, the Residence Center will inform you about the move-in date for university-operated dormitories, and for university-affiliated dormitories.In principle, you will be required to move into the dormitory on the designated move-in date.


Can I move to another WID/DORMY, apartment, or condominium while I am still in school?

WID&DORMY has a "relocation system" that other student dormitories and student halls do not have.When you enroll, you will start in a student dormitory, WID or DORMY, and once you get used to it, you can live alone in an apartment or condominium.For details, seeSystem/Support"Please confirm.


Please tell me the commute time from each dormitory to the campus.

For details on access to each dormitory, please see the introduction page for each dormitory.

Are you okay with security?

Auto-locking doors and security cameras are of course installed, and the dormitory manager who lives in the dormitory will shut out outsiders at the entrance, so it is safe.

Is there a hierarchical relationship?

There is no vertical relationship.Everyone is friendly and the atmosphere is cozy.In addition, since the room is a private room, you can secure a private space.

Can I cook for myself on holidays?

You can prepare your own meals in the dormitory's kitchen corner.Meals are eaten by self-catering or eating out according to each lifestyle.

Basic Information

What are university dormitories and university affiliated dormitories?

University-operated dormitories are dormitories operated by Waseda University, including international student dormitories WISH and Higashifushimi student dormitories.For university dormitories, a dormitory contract is concluded between the resident and the university.A university-affiliated dormitory is a dormitory in which the management company (a company that has a cooperative relationship with Waseda University) performs all day-to-day management and operation.For university-affiliated dormitories, a dormitory contract is concluded between the resident and the operating company.

Who manages and operates it?

WID・DORMY is operated and managed by Kyoritsu Maintenance Co., Ltd. under the partnership and recommendation of Waseda University.In all properties, the dormitory manager and dormitory mother and wife support live-in rather than rushing.There are other companies that operate student halls, such as Unilife, Nasic and Dongin Student Hall.In addition to the room, cost, and location, please compare and consider various aspects such as the operating company, service quality, and security.Examples of student halls operated by other companies: Motohasunuma Ekimae Student Dormitory, Heiwadai Student Dormitory, Square Higashifushimi, Square Hanakoganei, Square Saginomiya, Square Nishi-Tokyo, etc.

What is the difference between Student Hall and WID&DORMY?

"Student Hall" operated by Kyoritsu Maintenance Co., Ltd. will be WID / DORMY.This site introduces "DORMY (Student Hall)" which has good conditions for commuting to WID and Waseda University and has been recommended by the university.From WID, which is exclusively for Waseda students, and DORMY, where you can live with students from other universities, find the student hall that suits you best.

What is Kyoritsu Maintenance?

Kyoritsu Maintenance Co., Ltd., the company that manages and operates WID・DORMY, has been involved in the management and operation of student halls (student dormitories) since its founding in 1979, and currently manages and operates dormitories for adults and is ranked in the "World's Best Hotel Ranking". Business hotel "Dormy Inn" ranked fifth in the world (link ⇒ Resort hotel management (link ⇒ and is a company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange that also operates housing for the elderly.We value the "heart of caring" of boarding houses, and aim to be "the best boarding house in Japan" with the theme of food and living, and provide unique style and services.

About the contract

Can I choose the length of the contract?

You are free to choose.The longer the contract is, the cheaper the entrance fee will be.If you are an undergraduate or graduate student, there is no limit on the number of years you can renew while enrolled at Waseda University.You can also move between dormitories during the contract period.

I plan to enroll in the Faculty of International Liberal Arts, but is it possible to make a one-and-a-half-year contract?

Only students of the School of International Liberal Studies, who are required to study abroad in the summer of their second year, can sign up for a one and a half year contract at the International Student Dormitory "WID" and "Dormy Toritsu-Kasei". In addition, the annual management fee for the second year will be charged for only six months.

Is it possible to make a separate contract for meals?

Yes, depending on the dormitory.The contract can be changed between meal-included and meal-separate only once during the contract period.If you plan to have meals in the dormitory for half of the month, a meal-included contract is more economical.

  • Application guide

Why choose WID?
Reason for being chosen for the first time

  • POINT.01
    Homemade breakfast & dinner
    & High security
  • POINT.02
    Furnished Private Room
    Furnished Private Room
  • POINT.03
    A community that transcends age, country and department
    community beyond

various support systems
also available

  • No need to come to the store until move-in day
    No need to come to the store until move-in day

    From application to contract, everything can be completed at home.
    All completed at home.

  • Fixed payment is available.
    Fixed payment is available.

    Installment fee is XNUMX yen &Deposit Waiver

  • Support for your application
    Support for your application

    The person in charge of Waseda University will answer your questions.
    I will answer.

  • Relocation Support
    Relocation Support

    Moving to an apartment

Different from general rental properties

The appeal of WID+DORMY

  • Procedures can be completed at home until the move-in date
    Stay at home until move-in day
    can handle
  • Charges start from April of the move-in month
    Charges occur
    From April of move-in month
  • Reliable management and operation
    Peace of mind
    Management and operation
  • Overall satisfaction 98.3%
    Overall satisfaction
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