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Waseda University affiliated international student dormitory WID and
In the recommended dormitory Dormy, from before moving in to after moving in
Various supports and systems
I prepared it.

Simultaneous application system

If you are worried about WISH and WID!

You can apply for Waseda University dormitories (International Student Dormitory WISH/Higashifushimi Student Dormitory and International Student Dormitory (WID)/Recommended Student Dormitory (Dormy) at the same time.

*For applicants who have been accepted to the Waseda University dormitory by passing the substitute exam, we will refund the remaining amount after deducting the specified cancellation fee from the entrance procedure fee that has already been paid. (The cancellation fee will be described in the dormitory procedure documents)

Application example)

No need to come to the store until move-in day

Hall fee installment payment system

We have prepared a program to provide financial support so that students who find it difficult to raise tuition and living expenses can lead a student life with peace of mind.

*Applications will be screened, and depending on the results, we may not be able to comply with your request.
* Conditions are subject to change, so please check the website for the latest information.

Features of the school attendance support program
Lump-sum payment for new dormitory is not required / Deposit exemption

Deposit (usually 5 yen) required for new dormitory is 0 yen (exemption)

7, 5, 3 yen monthly installments

It is possible to pay in installments of 2, 7, 5 yen monthly for the hall fee (including contract fee) with two meals.

Selectable target cost

You can choose the target cost from (XNUMX) hall fee & contract fee (XNUMX) hall fee and (XNUMX) contract fee only (proportion of contract period).The target expenses are the admission fee, annual maintenance fee, facility fee (including meals), and air conditioning fee (tax included) during the contract period.

Mail Order & Lease/Rental


A popular item is the “bedding wreath set,” which offers free bed linen exchanges three times a month.You can use mail-order, lease, and rental services, including delivery by the day you move in and setting services for large appliances.

Example: Bedding lease 7-piece set with sheet change 3 times a month

Apartment relocation support

You can easily move to an apartment or condominium.

We have prepared a “relocation system” for those who spend their first year in Waseda University's dedicated student dormitory WID or recommended student dormitory Dormy and move to an apartment (Domir) after their second year or upon graduation.

Comprehensive security system

More peace of mind for the first time living alone

You can use the "Student House Comprehensive Security System" created for those who enter the Student House Dormy, which includes 10 types of compensation necessary for living alone.Comprehensive insurance to prepare for "unfortunate living alone", such as "renter's compensation" as compensation in the event of damage or fire in the room, and insurance against sudden illness, injury, or accident. is.

Support system for new members of society and living alone

We support a smooth start to a new life after graduation.

We have also prepared a system to support the environment for those who have become new members of society after graduation to smoothly transition to a new life.Students who have used the student hall dormy do not need to pay an initial fee, and can move into a dormy for adults that matches their work location for two years at a special rate.

Why choose WID?
Reason for being chosen for the first time

  • POINT.01
    Homemade breakfast & dinner
    & High security
  • POINT.02
    Furnished Private Room
    Furnished Private Room
  • POINT.03
    A community that transcends age, country and department
    community beyond

various support systems
also available

  • No need to come to the store until move-in day
    No need to come to the store until move-in day

    From application to contract, everything can be completed at home.
    All completed at home.

  • Fixed payment is available.
    Fixed payment is available.

    Installment fee is XNUMX yen &Deposit Waiver

  • Support for your application
    Support for your application

    The person in charge of Waseda University will answer your questions.
    I will answer.

  • Relocation Support
    Relocation Support

    Moving to an apartment

Different from general rental properties

The appeal of WID+DORMY

  • Procedures can be completed at home until the move-in date
    Stay at home until move-in day
    can handle
  • Charges start from April of the move-in month
    Charges occur
    From April of move-in month
  • Reliable management and operation
    Peace of mind
    Management and operation
  • Overall satisfaction 98.3%
    Overall satisfaction
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