Announcing the Dormitory Application Schedule for New Students Entering Waseda University in September 2024


We would like to inform you that the application schedule for student dormitories for students entering Waseda University in September 2024 has been decided as follows.

■ Dormitory Application Period

Tuesday, June 2024, 6 11:10 to Friday, July 00, 7 12:16(Japan time)

■September 2024 admission results announcement

The schedule for announcing the results regarding securing a room in the university directly managed dormitory is as follows. Results will be announced on the Residence Center website.

July 25, 2024

In university-affiliated dormitories/exclusive dormitories, we may respond to you with the results of securing a room earlier than the above schedule. The results will be notified by each student dormitory management company.
If you choose a directly managed dormitory as your first choice and apply for an affiliated dormitory/private dormitory as your second choice or below, it may take approximately 7 business days from the above results announcement date for the results of the room allocation for your second choice or below to be announced. *The designated date for entering the directly managed dormitory for students enrolling in September 2024 is scheduled to be around mid-September. *If you have taken a leave of absence due to military service immediately after enrollment and are planning to return to school, please contact us here.

■You can check the process for moving into the dormitory below.

Flow until entering the dormitory

■We offer a schedule notification service to prevent you from forgetting to apply.

We have started the Waseda University student dormitory "dormitory application schedule notification service" for admission in fall 2024 and spring 2025.

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  • [For students enrolling in April 2024] Application schedule for Waseda University student dormitories has been announced.

Why choose WID?
Reason for being chosen for the first time

  • POINT.01
    Homemade breakfast & dinner
    & High security
  • POINT.02
    Furnished Private Room
    Furnished Private Room
  • POINT.03
    A community that transcends age, country and department
    community beyond

various support systems
also available

  • No need to come to the store until move-in day
    No need to come to the store until move-in day

    From application to contract, everything can be completed at home.
    All completed at home.

  • Fixed payment is available.
    Fixed payment is available.

    Installment fee is XNUMX yen &Deposit Waiver

  • Support for your application
    Support for your application

    The person in charge of Waseda University will answer your questions.
    I will answer.

  • Relocation Support
    Relocation Support

    Moving to an apartment

Different from general rental properties

The appeal of WID+DORMY

  • Procedures can be completed at home until the move-in date
    Stay at home until move-in day
    can handle
  • Charges start from April of the move-in month
    Charges occur
    From April of move-in month
  • Reliable management and operation
    Peace of mind
    Management and operation
  • Overall satisfaction 98.3%
    Overall satisfaction
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