[For students enrolling in September 2024] We will answer frequently asked questions in advance!

[For students enrolling in September 2024] We will answer frequently asked questions in advance!

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For September 2024 enrollees, we have summarized frequently asked questions about Waseda University exclusive dormitory WID and affiliated dormitory DORMY from those who are considering living alone or moving into a dormitory.Please use it as a reference.

Q.Are there any conditions for entering the exclusive dormitory?

In order to move into the Waseda University dormitory WID, you must be a student enrolled in Waseda University or a graduate school. DORMY is also open to other university students.

Q.Please let me know the vacancy information.

Availability varies by property.The latest vacancies will be updated with news as the application period approaches.Please also sign up for our newsletter so that we can keep you informed.

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Q.When can I apply?

There is an application period for Waseda University's exclusive dormitories WID and DORMY. The application period for September enrollment students is from June 9th to July 6th this year. We also notify you via newsletter so that you do not miss your application, so please sign up.

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Q.Please tell me how to apply.

https://wasedalife.com/guide/flow/  for more information.

Q.Can I take a tour?

It is possible to visit.If you would like to make a reservation, we would appreciate it if you could enter it from the "Reservation for tour" button of the desired property.

Q.Please tell me about cancellation.

A cancellation fee will be charged after payment has been made.Such fees vary depending on the time of year.

cancellation charge
89 to 60 days before contract start 100,000 yen
59 to 30 days before contract start 150,000 yen
From 29 days to the day before the contract start date 200,000 yen

* We will not charge an additional cancellation fee, but we cannot refund the above amount of the initial fee payment.

Q. What kind of people live in the dormitory?

From first-year Waseda students to graduate students, there are also many international students living in the dormitory.Tenant interviewPlease take a look.

"What is it like living in a dormitory now?" I asked three seniors living in WID. -3 Interview

tell me! WID Real 2022 – We asked XNUMX RAs living in WID Waseda.


If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.



Waseda University affiliated international student dormitory WID
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Why choose WID?
Reason for being chosen for the first time

  • POINT.01
    Homemade breakfast & dinner
    & High security
  • POINT.02
    Furnished Private Room
    Furnished Private Room
  • POINT.03
    A community that transcends age, country and department
    community beyond

various support systems
also available

  • No need to come to the store until move-in day
    No need to come to the store until move-in day

    From application to contract, everything can be completed at home.
    All completed at home.

  • Fixed payment is available.
    Fixed payment is available.

    Installment fee is XNUMX yen &Deposit Waiver

  • Support for your application
    Support for your application

    The person in charge of Waseda University will answer your questions.
    I will answer.

  • Relocation Support
    Relocation Support

    Moving to an apartment

Different from general rental properties

The appeal of WID+DORMY

  • Procedures can be completed at home until the move-in date
    Stay at home until move-in day
    can handle
  • Charges start from April of the move-in month
    Charges occur
    From April of move-in month
  • Reliable management and operation
    Peace of mind
    Management and operation
  • Overall satisfaction 98.3%
    Overall satisfaction
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